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Fleshlight beginners ask...

Q: As a beginner - which Fleshlight would you recommend I get? I'm interested in trying something different and fun and not just the plain, straight-forward standard Fleshlight. Thanks.
A: I'd try Super Tight Wonder Wave (gives a great gentle ribbed stroke) or Super Tight Speed Bump (a great insert with lots of greedy massage beads that'll hit you nicely right under the cockhead). Either one will give you great cums again and again.
I want to see SPEED BUMP now!
I want to see WONDER WAVE now!

Q: When you first get your Fleshlight it comes in a bag and is powdered in something. Once one washes the
thing, it's sort of tacky. So what's the general proceedure to keep the thing clean and should some powder be used or what? 
A: Powdering is optional. I occasionally powder, while others are more dilligent. Powder keeps it from getting tacky and sticky. Wash with hot water and occasional use alcohol to sanitize. No oil or soaps, cause they'll degrade the material.

Q: I'm in need of a bit of advice, I have the Wonder Wave Mouth and ST Butt Fleshlights. Now this is where I need your advice, I am gay and have never tried a real pussy but I am a bit curious to know what it feels like to fuck a pussy and was thinking of buying a Pink Lady to try it out, but I would like to know just how much like the real thing it is and also, is the feeling, once your cock is inside, much different to the mouth or the butt.
A: Here are some of the differences: With the Fleshlight Lady, you can run the pussy lips up and over and all
around your cockhead. The lips are a little softer and more pliable than the lips on the mouth inserts. Depending on your girth, you also may want to try the Super Tight variety cause it'll grip you better. The
regular inserts have a smooth canal and with proper heating, it feels a lot like when you enter a pussy
temperaturewise and sensationwise. With hands-free experimentation, you should be able to approximate the pussy experience. But keep this in mind: It's all about getting your nut and striving for the most intense orgasm possible. So experiment and enjoy.
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The following was an actual real time dialogue that was edited for clarity.

Horny Guy - Just wondering ... if you agree with the other Fleshlight users that the human vagina doesn't feel completely smooth but has "ridges," so to speak, inside.

Markz - For me, the feeling is the sensation of skin-on-skin contact enhanced by the slickness of lubrication. When you combine that with what you're feeling on the underside of your cock, the result is pretty good.

Horny Guy - Hmmm...

Horny Guy - So, it's not entirely smooth in there. You're hitting "something," whatever it is. Cuz I talked to some of these other dudes ... they said they sorta feel something in a pussy. Not just complete smoothness.

Markz - I'm not trying to be nosy, but are you a virgin?

Horny Guy - Yeah, I'm a virgin alright. That's why I'm going for the closest to the real thing. I'm going for realism here.

Markz - Well, you can't go wrong with the SUPER TIGHT WONDER WAVE (STWW) or the SUPER TIGHT GOLD LADY (STG). Both feel great and come awfully close to the feeling of a vagina. The Fleshlight will be more instructive for you in understanding what penetrative sex feels like. And it feels a lot like when you first enter a pussy. Surprisingly so. For me, the initial penetration is one of the best things about sex and one of the things the Fleshlight does really well, sensation-wise.

Horny Guy - Wow....this STWW is like the consumer's choice.

Markz - The STWW is the consumer’s choice cause it feels better. Snugger fit, better stroking action. And snugger fit + better stroking action = better cum. The SUPER TIGHT WONDER WAVE (STWW) just swallows your dick. Check it out.



Hey Mark-

I haven't emailed you in a while and thought I'd drop you a note. Hope all is well with you.

I've been enjoying my Fleshlights immensely. Just to remind you, I started with the Speed Bump and then branched out to the Super Ribbed, Wonder Wave, and Super Tight Butt. All are fabulous. I enjoy the hell out of them and really haven't gotten tired of them. I will tell you that my favorite is the Speed Bump - I don't know if that's because that's what I started with
and I just got hooked, or if it really is that much better than the rest, but it is my favorite. Now, having said that, don't get me wrong - I love the other inserts and use them frequently, so I'm certainly not disappointed with any of them! It's just that Speed Bump gives me a cum unlike the others.

I will say that the other thing I have discovered is that, from time to time, I will masturbate the "old fashioned" way with my fist. I believe using the Fleshlight has also given me a new appreciation for the "regular" method and allows me to enjoy my fist even more, if that's possible. Anyway, just an interesting side note.

Hope all is well with you. Once again, your pointers and advice have been great - hope I can return the favor to some new FL users down the pike.

Thanks again - have a great holiday.



Hey Zimmerman,

You may or not remember me. You had asked that I let you know about my first time with my new Fleshlight.

Anyway, I got the original version - the pink mouth. Needless to say, I was very excited the day it arrived. I could hardly wait to try it out. And now the part you wanted to hear.

 When I first took it out of the box, I was amazed that it wasn't as large as I thought judging by the numerous videos I'd seen - yet I still found it very impressive. My heart was racing as I unscrewed the cap; I truly thought I was going to cum before I got the cap off.

 As soon as I opened it, a wonderful sweet smelled hit me in the face. A mix of baby powder and cinnamon but nothing quite like I'd ever smelled. Even the scent was a turn on. The Fleshlight looked so perfect, I was thinking "I can't possibly use this."  I'd soon overcome that. Of course, I had to remove the tube in the middle and I couldn't do it soon enough. 

I remembered seeing the Fleshlight promo video and watching some guy lube one up. I was really turned on by how much the Fleshlight moved like skin and looked so soft.  Well, anyway, I took the insert out and though I was afraid of losing the scent by soaking it, I did it anyway.

But first, I remember seeing on the FL forum a thread about the guys who'd kissed their mouth FL - so I thought: "why not."  No tongue or anything - just my lips finding out just how soft it was. Amazing.

I filled my sink with some hot water and let the Fleshlight soak for a good while. When I thought it'd soaked enough, I took it out of the water, dried it off and then set about lubing it up. It was such a turn on to be lubing it up like the guy in the video and feeling how it didn't yield to my touch.

I decided to put on some porn, take out some poppers and first try the Fleshlight out laying my back. As soon as I slid in (even though it was the mouth), it may as well have been a woman's pussy to me and I set about letting it ride me. As I told you before, I am one of those gay guys who wouldn't mind sex with a woman and I thought if this is anything like what they feel, no wonder str8 guys are always walking around so crazy.

The best thing about the Fleshlight was finding out how many different ways I could use it. I could lie on my back or turn over on my side or put it between some pillows and fuck it. With the poppers making my body sensitive to everything, I was really enjoying this thing. I knew I was going to be hooked on it. But first, the one thing I really want to try was what I had seen in the videos: I shot my first load, then pulled the Fleshlight off slowly and watched as the huge load I'd shot poured out of the opening onto my dick. It was hot and I was just getting started.

That night I shot four huge loads of cum into my Fleshlight and I have been hooked on it almost nightly since.

Tight as hell! See what you're missing.