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Important information for newbies

The eternal dilemma - which FLESHLIGHT do I get? I was there a few years ago. When I first discovered the Fleshlight site, I was a little overwhelmed. I was horny and interested, but didn't know which one to get. The following is culled from my memories as a first-time customer and many of the newbie concerns that typically arise on the Fleshlight boards. Here's what I learned...

Almost all guys think over a purchase before ordering. Some reasons include:
FEAR - "I never bought a sex device before." Most guys have not.
PRODUCT COST - "Is it worth it?" You'll have to decide, but I think it's well worth the investment.
PRIVACY ISSUES - "Will people know what I'm getting when it arrives?" NO. All Fleshlights are shipped in a sturdy, plain brown cardboard box. The address label simply reads "ILF" (with their return address).
SECURITY ISSUES - "Is my transaction safe and secure?" YES.
SHIPPING ISSUES - Other concerns are discreet packaging and shipping. All Fleshlights are shipped in a sturdy, plain brown cardboard box. The address label simply reads "ILF" (with their return address). And there are no *unsolicited* future mailings.

MY EXPERIENCE - It took me a few days to decide. I found the testimonials page helpful and definitely liked what I read. In fact, the testimonials were key. After I read them, I knew I wanted a FLESHLIGHT.

You may have additional questions but most guys' concerns are similiar: Does it REALLY feel like a PUSSY, ASS or BLOWJOB? The most common question among virgin men: Does it feel like a real pussy? Yes, and you'll probably be more confident and have more self-control when that magic moment arrives.

MOST GUYS HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS - I know I did. The most common?

DOES IT FEEL REAL? - Yes, very much so.
PRIVACY - Is the shipping discreet and private? Yes. Plain box, simple return address.
TRUSTWORTHINESS - Is the company legitimate? Yes. Customer service and customer satisfaction are core company values. Online credit card ordering is secure.
FUTURE CONTACT? - Will I get unsolicited mailings after I order? No. No future contact or mailings.
IS IT WORTH THE COST? - Yes. The Fleshlight is a quality masturbation device with amazing performance capabilities.

WHICH ONE DO I GET? Well, what do you want? A pussy feel Vagina, a blowjob sensation Mouth, a nice tight butt? Butt I generally ask an inquiring potential customer three questions. Do you want realism? Do you want a great sensation? Or do you want both?

*** A Frequent FLYer Bar & Grille Tip **** Guys with limited budgets usually opt for the LADY or PUSSY.

WHICH ONE DO I GET FOR REALISTIC PUSSY FEEL? Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) and the Super Tight Gold Lady (STG) both come awfully close to the feeling of a vagina. For virgin guys, these two are great for understanding what penetrative sex feels like.
*** Super Tight Lady The lips are very soft and you can work them over your cockhead for great effect. The Lady offers a soft, inviting stroke and there's even a moulded clitoris.

*** Super Tight Wonder Wave just swallows your dick. Close your eyes and feel the waves of pleasure rippling over your cock. Combine the mouth with the Wonder Wave insert and you'll be in heaven.

KILLER INSERTS (WHEN SENSATION TRUMPS REALISM) - Sometime you just want a really great cum. Interactive Life Forms, the parent company of the Fleshlight, has developed a line of inserts that are guaranteed to send waves of intense pleasure up and down your cock. Through innovative design elements like ribbing and raised bumps, you're guaranteed to experience sensations not typically found in nature. I call it better stroking through science.
***Super Tight Super Ribbed offers intense, pleasurable sensations. A must-have for seekers of ultimate pleasure.
***Super Tight Speed Bump has dozens of raised bumps that will hit the most sensitive and pleasure-seeking parts of your manhood - like right under the dickhead.

COLOR - Color was almost a non-issue for me, but I had to choose something to get my order under way. I kinda liked the Mocha and got that. (BTW: Color doesn't affect performance. At least not in an adverse way.)