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Welcome to the Frequent FLyer

Welcome to the Frequent FLyer Bar & Grille,a site dedicated to the sport and enjoyment of the Fleshlight. Here you will find Fleshlight reviews, product news, purchasing advice and tips for getting the most out of the best men's masturbation tool available.

The Fleshlight has been described by many as the best thing since sliced bread, but we've never tried to masturbate with sliced bread - or even toast for that matter - so we won't be defending or attacking that analogy. But the Fleshlight definitely feeds us and we’ll be posting our observations explaining why the Fleshlight (or FL) lives up to the buzz and why you should take the plunge and get one yourself.

The Frequent FLyer Bar & Grille will encompass FL commentary, advice, plus things we learned along the way (through trial and error and from others). And we’ll refer you to the source - for ordering and for questions we cannot answer.

In addition, look for these features:

• Fleshlight news
• Fleshlight reviews NEW! Super Tight Speed Bump, Super Tight Super Ribbed.
• The top reasons why you need a Fleshlight!
• How to choose the Fleshlight that's best for you.
• Fleshlight techniques
• My Best Nut Ever - tips for obtaining the best FL session possible.

“Hey, Bartender!” - Our veteran barkeep, Mark Zimmerman, answers all your questions about FLying, relationships, sports, politics and the stock market. Well, mostly questions about FLying.